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Monday, June 28, 2010

Harvest Tally

August 2010
3.0 pounds tomatoes -  market value $6.00
Approx 50 garlic bulbs + 6-12 Elephant Garlic - market value approx $15.00

August total $21.00

July 2010
4.6 pounds purple potatoes - market value $9.00
Approx 50 garlic scapes - market value $6.00

July total $15.00

June 2010
1 pint raspberries - market value $3.00
1.5 pounds snow peas - market value $5.00

June total $8.00

First Harvest!

It was a small first harvest, but a harvest nonetheless.  This week I picked about a pint of Raspberries and approximately 1.5 pounds of snow peas. I also picked a bunch of oregano to dry.

I planted out 4 tomatillo starts, an Anaheim pepper, and the one swiss chard start that didn't shrivel up and die from neglect, along with some corn that my neighbor gave me.

Forgot to mention that I spent $2.99 on a small bag of lime for the tomatoes - will add that to the garden input for a total of $20.12

Monday, June 14, 2010


Heavens to Murgatroid, it is already mid June. The combination of my being pregnant and the unusually cold, wet weather we've been having means that my garden has really been neglected this spring.
But I think we've turned the corner!  It is warming up and starting to look summery. And I'm starting to get some energy back, too.  Woo hoo!
This past week we planted out 14 of our tomato starts - mostly Heinz variety with a few Medford Early.
We added about a half cup of lime and some organic fertilizer to each planting hole to prevent blossom end rot and add some nutrients to the soil.
Yesterday I planted four luffa.  Fingers crossed that they are more productive than the two from last year!